Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer staples

there is something about moving that makes me want to start from bare bones, from the core of my personal style- 
packing up my house has me thinking hard about the cycle of acquiring. generally i feel a bit anxious when surrounded by too many things, i think thats why im so attracted to the modern scandinavian farmhouse aesthetic. it always feels edited, but not out of severity, out of necessity. I also strive very hard to edit the vintage merchandise at cottage farm with this idea in mind. I want all of the items to be beautiful of course but also functional. i believe that utility and function create the most beautiful objects over time and much of the romance is being a link in this cycle.
while going through my closet however, i realized how unsuccessful i have been at restraining my urge to acquire and how i have failed to excercise the same level of restraint i am able to acheive in my home. i have come to understand that in decorating i appreciate many many things in many styles, but i often appreciate them in the moment only. clothing on the other hand catches me up- the idea of the event to which it will be worn or the manner in which it can be adorned...this makes for a messy edit and some very wacky pieces in my closet. but  while packing i made my self places everything into three piles - always, sometimes, never. 
this post represents my summer always pile. i quite like it! its feels simple and easy but still very beautiful. full of possibility for the everyday - of course i kept a few bits of the unexpected! like this amazing dressbut these basics are a very pretty starting place. 
do you have go-to basics you love?
1 anna allen clothing (via frolic). 2 frye. 3 miriam haskell. 4 infusion. 5 alexis bittar. 6 lamixx. 7 vans. 8 coterie. 9 net-a-porter. 10 jcrew. 11 seychelles. 12 merona for target.


  1. I have a very trusted "uniform" that I keep established in my closet. Replacing those basics always comes first... only after that do I allow myself play things and more whim-driven pieces.

    I'm always excited to see what other's basics are. Love yours and delighted to see my scarf included!

  2. I LOVE the vans and always say I need to get some! The shorts with the bow are fantastic!

  3. jane the scarves are so lovely and delicate, its not wonder they flew off the shelf.

    alexis - im a huge fan of these kicks! on my third pair-like to switch out the laces with those retro brown and yellowish preppy looking ones from the drug store for a little more personality.