Tuesday, August 31, 2010

for the dogs

Scotland.... and SOS doing his very best Freidlnander. edinburg to be exact, a romantic old city with lots of little streets to walk, castles to visit and shops to peruse. but my absolute favorite thing involves, what else food. yes, i do have a tendency to get hyped up over restaurants but THE DOGS is soo worth the hype. lets put it this way. i was so enamored with the food, atmosphere and decor i didnt take a single picture inside. but i did have the very yummy ox tongue terrine and the coley, a lovely white fish over a big dollop of minted fresh smashed peas.

YUMMMM! so youll just have to trust me and go if you are in edinburg scotland anytime soon, or ever. I will be returning thats for sure!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cape Light - Joel Meyerowitz

its finally summer here in San Francisco - most of us were thinking it wouldnt happen, but here it is!

yesterday on sfgirlbybay, victoria took us on a tour of martha's vineyard. it made me long for my childhood summers on the cape and islands. i swear there is something magical that exists only there and no where else.

photographer Joel Meyerowitz captures my feelings for this place so well. his photos from the series Cape Light serve to satiate my longing...at least for now.

hope you enjoy

Friday, August 20, 2010

a few more sights from amsterdam

a few more sights from amsterdam....the last and first photos are from the flower market...its fun to walk through but i would recommend any of the other food markets ... where the cut flowers are more plentiful and incredibly inexpensive.

and who could resist those giant puffy clouds of meringue??? i couldnt! definitely check out Patisserie Kuyt while you are there and on the same street find the cute little cafe (fantastic coffee with a scrubbed scandinavian atmosphere) pictured 2 photos below. the whole street is lined with wonderful clothing shops, design collectives, the best butcher and cheese monger youll ever find! right off Rembrandtplien
loved this pretty delicate door knocker ...its a bit cheeky too dont you think?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

antiek amsterdam style

strolling around amsterdam across the canal i spotted just what i had been looking for "antiek" ...and antique store. my week here was spend scouring for this word but this little, or should i say large shop, inside and out, made my heart skip a beat!
the building that now houses this beautiful antique shop was once home to a bakery that made honey cakes - the outside and inside of the building still bare the markers of its previous life - the bee skep on the top of the pillar and the tiny bees and blossoms all in relief on the outside of the building were just spectacular... below are some interior shots

a glimpse into the restoration workshop and the business card of this wondrous place.. visit if you get a chance you wont be disappointed!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a glimpse of amsterdam

just back from our lovely outing - we saw two couples married spent time with family and made general merriment on our vacation. thought i would start off the vacation posts with a glimpse of Amsterdam from vondelpark - and look a little bit of handmade to greet us!