Tuesday, August 31, 2010

for the dogs

Scotland.... and SOS doing his very best Freidlnander. edinburg to be exact, a romantic old city with lots of little streets to walk, castles to visit and shops to peruse. but my absolute favorite thing involves, what else food. yes, i do have a tendency to get hyped up over restaurants but THE DOGS is soo worth the hype. lets put it this way. i was so enamored with the food, atmosphere and decor i didnt take a single picture inside. but i did have the very yummy ox tongue terrine and the coley, a lovely white fish over a big dollop of minted fresh smashed peas.

YUMMMM! so youll just have to trust me and go if you are in edinburg scotland anytime soon, or ever. I will be returning thats for sure!

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