Thursday, May 5, 2011

flea market find

i found this amazing jim thompson dress at the flea market on sunday. it looks like it was never worn! i cant imagine why, because it is so beautiful. the colors are rich and vibrant and perfect for summer - its a nice vintage twist on the oh so popular maxi dress. and it has pockets!!
i was delighted to find that it fit perfectly-  im thinking i will pair it with a wide leather belt, a pair of pretty jewel tone sandals & a few big chunky wood bracelets. 


  1. Oh my! This is a dream and I love how you plan on wearing it. The pattern is so Bloomsbury-esque!

  2. Add a sun hat with a nice chunky color ribbon and let the breeze blow! Just a beautiful dress.

  3. Amazing - and when you are tired of the length you could make a tunic to wear with jeans and a very cute skirt with the remnant!