Thursday, May 26, 2011

the livin is easy still on the apartment search. its been a long, long search but i did find a sweet little spot and we've submitted our application and now its just fingers crossed, though i must say in this city its a crazy roller coaster ride. i basically assume i wont get the apartment at this point and try to forget about the whole thing until i get a call saying they loved us but their daughter just got kicked out of school and she'll live there instead - or something like that. im beginning to think we are cursed. 
any way i digress - apartment, application, not trying to think about it..but its got this adorable, teeny tiny little outdoor whats been on my mind? little urban gardens and tiny patio perfect seating. 
love this idea from LLH designs(via thestylefiles)for garden planting boxes. just perfect for a few head of lettuce and herbs.
add a few stackable tables and these super smart outdoor folding chairs. i love the wegner influence 
and because a teeny tiny patio(thats shaped like a bowling alley) would be as much fun without this amazing bowling set
top image from here


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the apartment search!

  2. What a pain? What area are you looking that is so hard to find an apartment? Out here, when we rented, we would go see one and write a check and that was that.

  3. thanks jane!

    alexis - we have looked in almost every neighborhood in the city. the above apt is actually just a few blocks from our place now.