Monday, June 6, 2011

white washed

happy monday! how did you spend your weekend? mine was spent with a lovely gallon of fresh white paint and lots of packing boxes. a little before and after of the new apartment. the walls were a rather unattractive muddy, hospital yellow. the color seems a bit better in the photos than it actually was in life. below area few before and after shots-  
because there are so many lines on the walls - a base board, chair rail, picture rail, vaulted tray celling - the space felt very choppy, so the best thing to paint the whole mess one color- delicate white in valspar signature, eggshell finish. the signature is great because it has a primer already in the paint so you can just roll away.
and voila! a new room. in the photo below you can see the tray celling - its still the old yellow, i was thinking it would be fun to paint it another color but after looking at the space for the last few days i think it too need a nice coat of delicate white. and what about that light fixture?? pretty nice huh? affectionately named the flying diaper - its very high on the list of things i will be changing out. 


  1. Very pretty, though I like the current light fixture. The apartment looks like a great find!

  2. Oh - love it. You have amazing light!!