Friday, June 24, 2011

flowers for friday

things are still a bit helter-skelter here. boxes boxes everywhere...but im reminding myself that moving into a new space will just take some time, blogging from the top of  cardboard boxes is not so ideal. but, baby step- the first friday flower post from the new place. not normally a pink person but these just seemed to call to me from the market. peonies, snap dragons, amazing peppery smelling freesia, and that sweet little red flower (the name of which escapes me at the moment) the container is the larger of these two bowls listed in the shop. i like the wildness of the snapdragons and the heavy rustic quality of the bowl 


  1. Beautiful! I keep looking at those bowls but am on a strict spending lockdown. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy this amazing arrangement!

  2. I would love to wake up to this! Your arrangements always make me escape to a garden somewhere in my mind...

  3. thank you ladies - it always makes me so happy to see you both here. enjoy your weekends