Thursday, June 30, 2011

a place for it all

i purchased my very first large piece of furniture yesterday (well, besides a bed) i have never lived in very big apartments or have always had friends/family around who were more than happy to donate an unused piece of theirs. i have never owned a couch, bookshelves or large dining table... but yesterday this amoire came home with me. i love its clean lines, blond wood and geometric cutouts on the doors. it feels rustic and scandinavian in all the best ways! without feeling heavy or terribly dated. more classic is guess, but fun because of the doors- i love how the medallion in the rug mimics the shape on the doors - it also pairs so well with the mid-century pieces i already have. 

it was a little scary buying such a big piece and even scarier when sos and i carried it up two flights of  (tiny, old) stairs by ourselves. but its here in our bedroom, with more than space for all our clothes. im pleased as punch! im hoping it will be a wonderful cornerstone for the rest of the apartment. i know it looks a little sparse in here at the moment but i want to paint the walls a soothing grey and i am still getting used to the new house, it will fill out a bit over time. 
 how about you- do you find it hard to commit to large pieces?

*sorry for the photo quality, my big dslr is outta sorts at the moment- so im just using a little guy. 
also i guess i need to trim the rug pad! huh. her undies are showing. 


  1. Man - I know I'm a bad photographer when I see photos people think are "bad" and I think are lovely. I love this wardrobe. I love a good wardrobe in general. My one stipulation for a wardrobe was that I wanted to be able to walk around in it. Silly -since my very ancient guy took 6 people to move it in!