Friday, July 1, 2011

flowers for friday

 at about this time each year if find myself truly aching for the east coast. for just a glimpse of the coast line, the heavy humidity of the air, the perfect summer light and all the edible splendors of the sea and land that comes with mid summer. i combat this intense longing with the photographs of joel meyerowitz and ive just begun reading edith wharton's the house of mirth in the hope of finding some comforting familiarities there. 

i also have to laugh to myself as i think the two flowers arrangements for the week capture some of the nostalgia in this summer longing - the tulips started out a deep lavender and they look as though they were bleached by the sun. peony's are so quintessential at this time of year but are about to be gone so i couldnt resist posting what might be the last and that cool metal vase will be up in the shop a little later. i might as well have posted huge fluffy blue hydrangea. maybe next week. for those of you celebrating the 4th have a lovely and safe holiday. to others have an amazing mid summer weekend. 


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