Wednesday, July 6, 2011

farmhouse inspiration

i was craving some farmhouse inspiration - a few basics. simple and elegant.
love the handcrafted pieces above.  coat hooks: chair
the bowl reminds me of the bottom of a walnut shell and there is something of edward hopper in the farmhouse painting 
this assembled stool is full of necessity in such a chic way and the big fat raindrops remind me of the first few that always mark the coming of a summers heavy rainstorm 
for lemonade at summer garden parties a sleek vintage decanter and a bit of extra warmth after the sun goes down these pretty muted colored cowls are just stunning. 
and i love this bookish painted portrait -the perfect stand-in for a long ago relative of the farm and simply carved jet black rocks full of tiny light. 

just a few things im loving at the moment.

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