Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pysanky eggs

i know its not easter but i really dont think that work so beautiful as that which goes into the making of these pysanky eggs should be reserved for any one time of year. I saw a beautiful example of this style of folk art at the flea market this past weekend and i havent really been able to get them out of my head since. 
a folk art practiced in the ukraine, pysanky egg dying is a centuries old tradition using a wax "writing" method to create intricate, colorful patterns on the shells of eggs. warmed wax is applied using a stylus tool to create the desired design. The egg is then dyed in vegetable based dyes from lightest to darkest color - the wax acts as a color sealant on that specific layer of color. it is all removed at the end by gently reheating the wax over a candle flame and gingerly wiping it away. 
my mom and i used to make these eggs - we spend hours together creating our own versions of the patterns - my mom first read about them in a Martha Stewart Living (this was probably circa 1991 mind you, when the mag was still published on a quarterly cycle) We ordered the dyes and stylus kits and away we went. probably my very favorite part about the whole thing, the process requires beeswax, the smell as it it heated over and over again is luxurious and something i will always love. 
my mom still has many of the eggs we decorated - 

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  1. These are amazing! This technique is also known here in Poland, we call them 'pisanki'. Actually, we call this way alle eggs we paint for Easter ;)