Friday, July 29, 2011

open kitchen shelving

sorry for the lack of flower post this week, I have a large wedding on monday and I know there will be plenty of flowers after that plus my flowers from last week as still looking cheery. instead today i thought i would share a few more goings on around the house. 
sadly at some point the original kitchen cabinets (i estimate the building is from about the 1930's) were taken out and replaced with generic white mdf cabinets. but the good news, this has created a few little places for me to introduce some open shelving. over the weekend we installed 3 of these ikea shelves in the kitchen. one replaced a tired shelf that was already hanging over the kitchen sink and the other two are in a little alcove by the doorway. 
a little touch up is still needed around where the lines of the old shelf used to be but that will get done eventually. 

I love that i can look at some of my pretty bowls and glasses while sitting at my table... what do you think? 
i hope you all have lovely weekends. I will be whipping up some flowers for a wedding on monday, hitting the flea market and doing a few more house projects. see you monday