Wednesday, July 6, 2011

legs to stand on

a while back i came upon a beautifully aged and weather worn piece of wood. it was just hanging out in a lady's yard and i asked what she was going to do with it~ after a bit of conversation it was in the bed of my car speeding towards home. its similar to the one above & after doing a bit of research it appears that this piece was part of a ship, in fact it was the hatch door, knowing this has made me love the piece even more. its just perfect for 6 people! 
sadly its been hanging out in my garage for a few months, it wouldn't really fit in the old studio apartment but now there is plenty of space and im gearing up to sand and finish it - 
the biggest part of the project is the legs. the top isnt as dark as the one in the photo, its much more of a pretty beachy grey. when it first came into my possession i though instantly of the table above from mike murphy's home and got an amazing (and very inexpensive) set of hairpin legs from ebay! they are sturdy and extremely good weight bearers....but now of course after having some time to think im wondering if something closer to the base of this table from room&board would be better 

- class it up a little. this chrome base definitely has more glamor and is a bit more lady like.... im on the fence - what do you think? or do you have other suggestions?

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  1. What a piece of good fortune to find such a storied tabletop! I would be tempted to try it with a set of industrial legs, like so: