Monday, July 18, 2011

Union Station

this past weekend i has the pleasure of passing through los angeles union station after an amazingly pleasant trip up from san diego. i really do wish there was more train travel here in the us, its such a lovely way to get to your destination. i got to see all of southern california's spectacular coast line as i gazed out the window on a lazy unhurried sunday trip. 
upon arrival in la i was awed by the beauty and grandeur of this old train station - opened in 1939. my jaw was just about on the floor and i spent a good amount of time wandering about the station.  in fact i was so spellbound i didnt even think to take out my camera but i wanted to share this gorgeous bit of american architecture. 

there is something so incredibly romantic about train travel and it has such glamours vintage appeal that my heart was about bursting over the whole experience. 

images: 1-3, 4, 5


  1. I hope you had a Union Bagel! We often take the train from north LA area to Union Station and then go to Phillipes for lunch or Olvera Street! Funny because way back when our prom was held in this station. We all rode the train in to a red carpet. Brings back memories!

  2. that is too funny. you must have had an amazing night and im sorry to say i did not have a union bagel, but i will next time :)

  3. Wow! It's gorgeous. I especially love the chairs in the top photo and that stunning floor in the second. Yes! It's too bad train travel isn't more popular in this country. :)