Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hanging in there-

well i must admit im beginning to to feel a little overwhelmed - this new apartment is so much larger than the previous one and every room needs something but i think the biggest thing (aside from absolutely needing a dresser) that needs changing is the overhead in the living room - this is what is
currently hanging in there 
- not my cup of tea & to boot its hung too low. i was sure i wanted to replace it with a nelson bubble lamp but sos isnt sold on the piece so im exploring some other ideas and inspiration. 

images: designacctracor, cottagefarmdesign*sponge, jeanpelle, thestylefiles


  1. I have the bubble lamp and must admit that the allure has gone off it a little since I first got it and I wouldn't buy it now.

    I love the Jean Pelle. Have you also seen Lindsey Adelman's pendants - she offers DIY instructions! http://www.lindseyadelman.com/makeit.php

  2. Well, if you get rid of your current lighting, and want to sell it, I might want it. It's just my old fashioned style. LOL

  3. jane. thank you for the site - i hadn't seen it yet!

    alexis. ill keep you posted on the fixture. im not sure if the landlord wants to keep it or not but i may pass along your offer to her :)