Thursday, June 16, 2011

a clean start

well im still without proper internet but making progress on the apartment...slowly.
i can honestly say that i have never moved into a grimier apartment before. ive spend this entire week scrubbing, scoring, soaking and that just for the bathroom and kitchen! im exhausted but there is something incredibly satisfying about the whole process - i invested in a very coarse bristled scrub brush and pounds of this really tough cleaning agent, tsp. its really a miracle worker but it does require gloves. ive also gone through an entire bottle of surface cleaner, but at least there isnt grease still on the cabinets - they were sticky to touch. These have also become my best friend, i know the sponges arent exactly environmentally friendly but they are great little scrubbers and i use these cheapy kitchen towels instead of paper ones, then just throw them in the tub and hang em dry. this is not such a glamours post i know, but its an important part of the process - having a good, CLEAN foundation its a great place to start.

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  1. Sounds gross but good at the same time!