Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a sweet spoonful

at each turn of the season there are particular things that i am really excited for- fiddlehead ferns for example and pea tendrils in spring....and rhubarb. im wild about is the first delicate stalks of rhubarb - my most favorite dessert in the world has to be warm rhubarb compote over really good (even preferably homemade) vanilla ice-cream. simple to the point goodness. 
i was delighted to stumble across A Sweet Spoonful . Megan is an oakland based food blogger and im dying to try some of her recipes. i love that she is local since that means we will be on the same growing schedule and uses local produce in her recipes! she has recently posted two rhubarb recipes: a rhubarb compote and a gorgeous rustic strawberry rhubarb pie
megan's photographs are so inspiring - the rustic pie just might have to be the first thing i make in my new kitchen. do take a look over at a sweet spoonful 

all images courtesy of a sweet spoonful

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