Tuesday, June 28, 2011


over dinner with some friends this weekend i was asked who my decorating style icon is - normally people ask "whats your style" for this i have a choreographed answer - but being caught off guard i blurted out dara caponigro. huh? 
obviously she is an amazingly talented designer and has had an unbelievable career (previously an editor at domino, she is currently the editor at veranda) but when that flew out of my mouth i must admit i was a little surprised - so being a firm believer in the voices of the subconscious i thought perhaps i was telling myself something. 
the last few days i have been canvasing the internet and past issues of magazines. she seamlessly blends rustic antique pieces with the clean sharp lines of modern pieces in a way that is sophisticated beyond belief. she has an impecible way of marrying the two styles to create a natural, serene and understated space- there is nothing fussy or overly worked in her designs. each flows as seamlessly as the next-  also i adore her playful sense of scale 
when decorating this apartment i think i just might find myself asking - what would dara do?

for more check out this feature in the NYT about her parents retirement home
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