Monday, June 27, 2011


i came across this kitchen at designattractor and just stopped and looked for a long while. the wallpaper is obviously what catches you first. its crazy bold graphic nature is arresting but somehow, paired with all the white slightly farmhouse features of the rest of the kitchen it seems just perfect. the paper reminds me a bit of a lichtenstein and it most certainly brings an unexpected pop to this little kitchen. 
im not sure im ready for an entire wall of this in the dining nook but i do love it in so many ways. my kitchen chairs are getting to need their seats recovered and ive been searching around for a fun new fabric - i came across this fabric (the second one from the top) at ikea and was instantly reminded of the above kitchen 
- perhaps its just the right was to bring in a hint of these bold stripes

images. designattractor, ikea

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