Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wine list wednesday

a little chardonnay for this wednesday. the cameron hughes 2009 los carneros chardonnay pairs perfectly with this farm fresh salad. i really loves wines from the carneros region of napa. this white has a warm buttery profile as you would expect from a chardonnay with lovely creamy flavors of vanilla and pineapple with the right amount of toasted oak flavor, not too much. what i especially liked about this chardonnay is the unexpected, slightly citrusy burst at the end. its truly delightful and just picks up the whole in-your-mouth experience so beautifully. 

its really is a nice little wine and at around 15$ a bottle, its perfect for the upcoming summer salad and seafood season. i be it would also pair so well with mussels or grilled prawns. 

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