Monday, May 9, 2011

alexis bittar

as some of you know i have a huge weakness for vintage costume jewelry. i think its the perfect way to bring a little bit of glamor into your everyday. pairing huge sparkling earrings with a simple striped T or a pair of kaki's. 

but im always thinking about what comes next. many of the designers i am interested in began designing in the 20's or 40's and a few of these designers lines are still around today. but how to add modern pieces to the collection is always a question for me. im less interested in the modern incarnations of the designers who's vintage pieces i so covet therefor the only way to branch out is to find a completely new perspective. 
Black W. Gold Wavy Link Sequence Necklace

while strolling this weekend a new store in my neighborhood caught my eye: alexis bittar. i love her designs, she seems able to marry some of the glamor of the vintage pieces i so love with a modern ease. refined, chic but casual and not over the top. the piece i would most like to add to my collection is this bracelet, the spring fern gold small horn ripple hinge bracelet

all images alexis bittar

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