Monday, May 2, 2011

morning ritual

this weekend was crazy. wedding season is in full swing & with 1 or 2 each weekend there is lots of work to be done. i dont mind though, i love the fast pace, of course the flowers & then seeing it all come together on the final day. this is my 4th wedding season & i never tire of seeing each wedding through till the end. 

but exhaustion is a huge part of the game too. i worked 14 hours days both friday and saturday. this makes the morning ritual very important. i used to only drink coffee in the afternoon, tea in the morning, & only if it was made by someone else. 

recently i have switched - i use a french press to make my coffee in the morning. i have been trying out beans from the different establishments around the city. 

but there is something peaceful about taking those 10 minutes in the morning to make my little pot of coffee. 
what about you.... are you a coffee or tea person~ & do you reveal in the ritual or loath it?

image: from me to you


  1. I love both tea and coffee and love both. I think I'm much more ritualistic with coffee as I tend to drink it only when I can savour it and so it is symbolic of slow moments and breaks.

  2. Oh wow - I want to live this image and your moment! How wonderful. I feel the need to take time to really form satisfying rituals in my life right now. I fall into the pit fall of working at home and getting lazy with myself and my routine. But one thing I never ever skimp on -is the coffee. I like it strong and plentiful, but only from a french press and in my favorite mug.