Monday, May 23, 2011

open studios : heath ceramics

this weekend was on of the busiest ive had in a very long time & there wasnt even a wedding, well not one i was working on at least. 
it was glorious to have the entire weekend and i took advantage of every second. there were loads of things happening in and around the bay area, so many the city was running shuttles around to the different event so that people could try and pack in as much as possible. 
saturday was spent at the heath ceramics open studios (thanks jane for the heads up!) with lunch at cavallo point. this amazing bay area hotel is filled with the photographs of local artist and we strolled around taking advantage of the amazing art on view. i just wish we could have seen into the rooms, each features the work of a different photographer.
in the evening it was off to try a new pho place (a few of us here have a passion for this big bowl of vietnamese soup and travel around the city trying out new places) we finished with Artpad - an art showcase put on at the phoenix hotel
phew, and that was just saturday! 
it was a lot but i wanted to share some photos i took at the beautiful heath ceramics studio in sausalito. 
the two types of clay used at heath - a lighter and a darker base clay, rolled out in slabs and ready to be turned into beautiful objects. 
the seat of the master mold maker at heath, i couldnt help but love him all the more as he sits each day in a hot pink old eames chair - amazing right?!

a few shots of the various stations along the way, handles are attached, lids are made, pieces are dried

testing out some new glazes & a the new house numbers. i love the final shot of the classic bud vases in various stages of drying. look how much smaller the vase is when it is finally finished (1st on the left is a finished piece) 
many of the original designs first created by edith heath (who also went to the san francisco arts institute, where i did my masters!) are still in production today, a tribute to her vision and the beauty of her work. 
i treated myself to my first piece of heath too! a bud vase of course, in cream. i thought it would be perfect to place the little floral stragglers that are inevitably left after i make an arrangement - to give them a sense of grandeur.


  1. Oh you went!! I'm equal measures joy and envy. My Heath collection makes me happy every day. I'm so glad you got yourself something. And definitely agree - I was just thinking I need some bud vases over the weekend too!

  2. These pieces are so classic and chic! I'm going to look up the studio now. That brown pitcher is so perfect. Thank you for sharing. Next time I'm up in the Bay Area I'm counting on you for a list of must see places!

  3. I'm still bummed that I didn't make it over to Sausalito this weekend- drat! I love seeing the inner workings behind beautiful things.

    You're going to have to give me your Bay Area Pho top 10 list- I have a mad Pho craving at least once a week and still haven't found a restaurant that satisfies!