Wednesday, May 25, 2011

pretty baskets

its funny how tastes change and as you go along you open yourself to new things and new possibilities even in the most simple of ways. ive noticed myself being very drawn to baskets as of late...objects i never particularly cared for as strange as that may sound. 
but recently ive found i simply cant get enough. there are so many lovely shapes and sizes but what really gets me is the weave. it has to be quite right, though i cant exactly articulate what is "just right" yet. and they make such an perfect place for storing those things that seem to make their way around the house in such unruly fashion or  lovely wall decor


  1. Love them all! Isn't I gigi amazing!?

  2. i love i gigi! and its thanks to you that i know about them at all. their portfolio is full of inspiration.