Tuesday, May 31, 2011

white walls

as you may have seen yesterday there is a new apartment space in my life & first on the agenda: a fresh coat of white paint on the walls. at the moment, they are a horrid pale yellowish. this is something i will have to do myself but i dont mind, i find painting a room with a fresh coat very satisfying.
 I had to have my paint color (benjamin moore, snowfall) approved, but thats the good thing about white paint - its not scary to landlords. While deciding on a paint color i flipped through lots of my glossy archives in the hopes of garnering a few ideas about wall color - 
what i began to notice was that almost everything i've blogged, archived, tumbled and torn has white walls. i once read a decorators quote that commented on her belief that white walls make rooms to feel unfinished.
i must admit that i grappled with this though for a while and my conclusion: if thats true than perhaps i like the freedom that comes with a room feeling unfinished- possibility is everywhere, styles can be mixed and matched on a whim, texture is important for adding depth & anything is likely.
 white walls, boring and unfinished or simply possibility?

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


  1. funny about the pale yellow...it has been in EVERY rental i've looked at. yuck!

    i love white walls. i tried to commit to color, or go super dark, but ultimately found that white is just my thing

    congrats on the new space!

  2. I've had to live with pale yellow before- and even worse, very greenish pale yellow. Ick!

    I yearn a little for white walls every time I stage a photograph in my dark apartment... but I can't give up my deep greige.

  3. I tend to like a pale grey over pure white, but I don't have interesting architectural features and so white can feel too much like that's how the builder left it.

    I'm like you though - most of the images I stash away have white walls!