Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what spring will bring

its sometimes strange for me, a new england transplant, to get inspired for changes of the seasons as things here in sanfrancisoc seem to be all jumbled up. this weekend felt like autumn to me and earlier this month it was summer. the changing of the seasons does happen, thought its just a bit more hushed - 

i find that i mimic this hush not with drastic closet rotations as the east coast dictates but simply changing up fabrics, going for a little lighter or a little heavier depending on the season. with spring on the brain.... ive been thinking about this outfit as a daily basic -  

Toasthome:NAIMA WAISTCOAT; theoldwhitehouse:ivoryflower; jcrew:indigo-stripeboatnecksailortee; toms:silverwomensglitters; anthropologie:galaciatowerrings totokaelo:hazecroppedjean

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