Thursday, March 10, 2011

auction highlights

last night i attended an auction. in a nut shell i had an absolute blast, chatted with some interesting people and came away with a few choice things. the highlight was a bidding war over a rug - to everyone in the room it looked like a tattered relic, but the bidders obviously knew something the rest of us did not and for 8 tense minutes (an eternity in the auction world) everyone waited on baited breath at the price of this old carpet kept rising and rising, until the winning bidder entered a 1,000 increase to the price and walked away with his prize. 

i snapped few photos at the preview earlier in the afternoon - i like to imagine the woman who would have worn these things or had these items in their home. 

the tattered french dressing chair was so romantic and melancholy it made my heart ache and this butterfly settee - would have been amazing recovered i loved the lines - a blue ticking perhaps or a big graphic print? 

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