Tuesday, March 29, 2011


so there are some things in life that i just cant seem to get right and so i do what any normal human would do .... ignore them until dire straights hit....

top of this list would be shopping for a new cell phone. my last phone was more or less held together with duct-tape and chewing gum ....

the other thing near the top is bag shopping ... dont ask me why.. but i can never seem to find one that i like, in the right color at the right price. unless they are clutches .. i seem to have no problem finding or purchasing those ... alas its quite hard to fit a loaf of bread or a water bottle in one. 

case and point i love this little clutch from inaiko 
but i digress.... so on to 

exhibit A: a 7 yr old navy blue longchamp market bag ... with NO interior lining, because somewhere along the line it started to come apart and then when i looked yesterday it is completely gone. 
so ive put together a preliminary line-up.......................

 these two beauties, the baule & sacco, from the lovely 2011 line at AI_  so pretty but im not quite sure how to get my hands on them....italy~~

simple, classic, sure to hold everything i need in its place - 

i love the blue ticking, who doesnt? and the little bits of leather trim. perfect. 

sawyer bag : plumo         frida bag plumo
im really loving the last two ... maybe a bit easier to get my hands on? UK~

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