Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wine list wednesday

a rich dessert wine - Honig 2006 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc - it is made with the last and most condensed/flavorful little grapes on the vine. it smells divine and tastes of sweet apricot and honey and fills the mouth with a nice ripe white peach flavor toward the end and then the last little bit lingers and has a pleasant citrus tingle. a beautiful golden color and legs for miles. 

this is the wine to break out those sweet little dessert glasses you have but never use. it has an air of opulence and deserves a bit of show. 

on or two tastes is enough. accompanying a fig tart or custard its to die for or would be nice with a simple goat cheese and some toasts. 

around $ 55. 

* the bottle presents beautifully. i just love the bee skep logo. it would make a wonderful gift.  

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