Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wine list wednesday : bogle "the phantom"

a delicious red blend, this bottle of Bogle "the phantom" blends three different grapes : petite sirah, old vine zinfandel and mourvedre. and this trio is pretty great. 

ive been on a zinfandel kick for a while now (the red kinds, not the white) and this satisfies all of the things ive been loving about zins - nice big hearty flavor, fruit forward ripe berries and velvety texture but with an added mysteriousness ;) - that being a nice peppery accent and warming spice thing going on below the surface.

i love a wine that can stand up to pizza and this is just the one i think - at $15 it would be fun to get a group of friends for a friday night and make your own pizzas while sipping glasses of this. 

and you should be able to find it at wholefoods and traderjoes  

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