Thursday, September 10, 2009

wedding bells and jewels

icecream and candy

the first weekend of october a very dear friend is going to be marrying the love of her life - and i will be there to witness the entire event... so i have my dress, which i have actually pieced together from various sources (no i could not wear just any dress!) and is currently at the tailor so when i comes back i will post some pics for you - but it has a vintagie, 1920's/english garden feel to it in a very muted pallet - oh let me say that the wedding is a beach wedding - so now that i have my dress i need accessorize it -im thinking a few dainty necklaces layered atop one another and perhaps a few bracelets -
i think this grouping from anthropologie sets the tone for what i have in my head -
below are some items i found browsing through etsy -

by cleo belle jewels


  1. that last one is amazingly beautiful! I can find this item on Etsy?

  2. yes i agree - it is on etsy and ive made a link to the item and shop so you can find it directly!!