Monday, September 7, 2009

outings: the rustic roost

you know that feeling when you cruise by the front of a store and you just know its going to be good? well - that feeling was right and this place is more than good - its wonderful, i could live in this splendid shop - the rustic roost, in petaluma california -

if i had a house, or even a bigger apartment - i would buy these gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous chandeliers!!! English Roman the lovely proprietor of the rustic roost told me that these came out of a hotel in new york circa the earlier part of last century - image the number of well dressed guests these hung above - to die for!!!

there is something for everyone in this shop - ms. ramon certainly has a well honed eye - everything flows so well together, her displays are inspiring and yet there is not just one idea going on in here - which is what will keep me coming back!

this oval wrapped lamp totally caught my eye too! its a tinted glass underneath all of that great textured wrapping - beach cottage, english colonial, farm house rustic, it would look great in so many places!

there is an outdoor section of the rustic roost which surrounds the little shop the way an english country garden does its cottage - and the garden would be the focus of this outdoor space - wonderful furniture, architectural elements and much more - the more being the stores other residents - chickens!! not only is this store worth the trip up to petaluma, about an hour and a half north of san francisco, but the whole town looks adorable - it reminds me of my new england roots with that splash of california abandon - its a fantasy town, a tiny little front porched huge gardened houses kinda town - im packing the car as we speak for another weekend up there -

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