Monday, September 14, 2009

a modern farm table

so im fantasizing today about not living in a tiny studio in the city, but about a big old farmhouse in the country - especially one with a long, long scrubbed wooden dining table - so that i could cook for all my friends, eat, drink wine and make general merriment - here are some images so you to can share in my little country dinner party fantasy!! ive found some lovely things to keep you occupied while your at the table too! check out these hand designed linens by elisabethbentz

as usual im loving the combinations of modern, traditional, rustic, formal and above all simple - and im finding that i just cant escape blue and white as one of my favorite combinations, it always looks fresh, crisp and clean, but there are so many possibilities! guess thats why its been a favorite for centuries -

from the home of designer darrylcarter

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  1. I hear you! Would love to move to the country and have a huge wood table upon which I'd serve lovely home grown things.... Beautiful finds!