Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fanatic about felt!

with fall fast approaching felt seems like an appropriate material to think about - it also seems to be making an appearance in multiple facets of my life recently, from home accessories to fine art pieces, to construction materials - but this shop is hands-down my new favorite way to use felt!
another felt fact you may find fantastic - its the oldest fabric known to humankind! crazy huh, the mighty felt has been around for it all! felt remnants have been found dating back to 6,500 bc!!!!!! i love that, its so humble, utilitarian, durable but in the right hands can still be made into the loveliest of lovely things - check out what alicia of AAliciaAccessories has been doing with this amazing fabric over at her shop -

i can't decide, just the hint of gold mixed in with the rich charcoal for understated elegance, or the pure white for versatility and the ability to join the mix as either formal or casual?!!

how decadent - who would have believed felt could have such richness wouldnt these be stunning on your winter coat!

and if you cant get enough, you can even dress-up your pillows with felt too!

- yes i want one of each please! its too hard to choose just one

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