Saturday, September 12, 2009

delayed gratification - a bright idea

we all know how good instant gratification can feel - that sense of having achieved something or obtained something in almost the exact same moment we first desired it - its satisfying to say the least - but what about the opposite what about obtaining something long long after that first moment of desire??
this is my moment of delayed gratification, ironically enough it comes in the shape of a light bulb - a light bulb lamp - and im inlove!!! i say love because after two years of waiting the lust has surly died away and now i just love this lamp - yes i waited 2 years for this lamp - its was more expensive than i was willing to pay and so i've been patiently waiting, checking back and watching from a far - so imagine my surprise and elation this morning when i went in just to check on my lamp and found that it had been marked down - 50% down - i snatched it off the shelf like a little kid at a candy shop and marched triumphantly to the register - i must have had the stupidest grin on my face the whole time cause the shop keeper kept looking at me strangely - and i didnt even say a word though i practically ran home with it! so i wanted to share it with the world now - and here it is!! and im sharing assuming you all wont think im crazy because i assume you too have experienced some form of delayed gratification-

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh sweet victory!!!!

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