Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pardue perfection

check out this fabulous artist, her work is so pleasing and looks good enough to eat. immediaty i am drawn to the texture of these works, part textile, part nature illustration, part wedding cake and wholy gorgeous!

Eugenia Pardue is the artist and she uses a range of tools including dental and cake decorators to manipulate the monochromatic acrylic paint in a variety of ways. Her suggestions of natural motifs through out the work remind me of that cult classic fabric crewel - only these paintings poses a sculptural element that gives them a presence on the wall that crewel could never achieve.

The sophisticated uses of negative space and the almost relief like sculptural elements, give these pieces a simple and understated elegance without compromising their ability to hold the viewers attention.

dynamic, luxurious, perfectly monochromatic - how beautiful would these look hanging against a charcoal grey or slate blue wall!

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