Tuesday, April 5, 2011

zola collection

i recently released a new collection: the zola collection. its full of texture, patterns hints of spice and the exotic but i wanted to share some of my inspiration behind this collection. 

"Zola" is for emile zola the author of the Ladies Paradise: its really a wonderful novel about the opening of the first department store in paris -

- the fabric that i used to upholster this chair  - the choice seemed to expose me to an entirely new perspective one filled with the possibility of pattern and the interplay it could have not only with basics like whites and linen but with other patterns too - and i began to see it everywhere - patterns that you would not normally expect to see  together suddenly seemed to make sense and create deep layers one upon the other. the fabric can be seen in the photo below - 

i also began to notice beautiful baskets on many of my thrifting trips. lovely organic shapes, textures and all with different patterns

the final inspiration came when i revisited a project i has started a while ago and never quite finished. with the addition of some other lovely textured heavy tapestry type fabric i finally finished my project 

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