Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hats off to the milliner

this is shaping up to be a very fashion driven week so far ..... but over the weekend i had a chat with some girlfriends and we all agreed that we would like to bring hats back - they seem a wasted fashion opportunity at this stage - 

throughout history the hat has been a very visible canvas for fashion and i just dont see why our generation should be deprived - im not suggesting that we reintroduce it as any sort of mandatory cultural practice as it once was or a just for weddings type of deal either... simply it seems that on any give day a hat could really top off the 'auld outfit - an im not thinking about straw fedoras either .... 
i was thrilled!! to see a stunning selection at anthropologie and this sent me into a sort of tail spin... in search of a gorgeous hat.... now i just have to figure out what size my head is. 

 i also loved these two vintage hats from etsy sellers: vintage straw derby hat; ethanollie (top photo). 1920's straw cloche; saffroncoloredpeony. ladies straw wide brim sun hat; ralphswarehouse.  

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