Wednesday, April 20, 2011

style envy

i like to get dressed. i think this habit is part growing up in a boarding school with a strict dress code and part my grandmothers influence. even at 86 years old she gets meticulously dressed each and every morning. i always love to see what she will be wearing because i think she has some of the best fashion sense of anyone i have ever met. 
working from home sometimes precipitates the urge to throw on jeans and a tshirt, but i make myself get dressed. its a daily ritual that i, in fact, revel in. i love vintage, dresses, old hollywood and my collection of costume jewelry. so i wear them, even if i know im only going to the post office that day. 
 i (finally) came across FromMeToYou's tumbler of "daily outfits" im not sure how i havent seen it before, but its just gorgeous, gorgeous. inspiring and just the outfits i want to be wearing, all day everyday. im inspired to hunt a little harder at the thift stores to see if i can turn up some new gems for my closet. 

my favorite is the grace kelly, obviously.
but i most identify with the lauren bacall. you??

there are so many more captivating photos. see them here.

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  1. OMG I LOVE this this is the look I tried to go for when I did a fashion shot back in the winter check it out