Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the book shelf, revisited.

i finished the last book i was reading, the great house, a while ago and have since been with out. i do sometimes like to take a little reading break but im feeling the itch again for an hour or so in the evening to sit and read. i received a kindle for christmas and while it took me a bit to warm-up to the idea i rather love it now for some types of books, mostly novels and non-fiction. 

have you read any good books lately? ones that you just wish everyone else would read so you could talk about them over a few glasses of wine? please do tell. 
im thinking i might pick up the classic Susan Sontag essay collection On Photography  i read it in graduate school but with all that was going on i think i missed a few things. 

On another reading list - im thrilled! beyond belief to have acquired a full set of domino magazines. i came a little late to the party and only had a few so now, thanks to christine at thepostageservice i will be pouring over these until my little hearts content!! the word excited really doesnt express the extent of my joy..... 

images Irina Troitskaya and Decor8

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  1. Oh, my jealousy knows no limit. I only have about half of my Dominos from when I was a subscriber- one fateful day midway I decided to purge and threw some out. Why???