Thursday, August 13, 2009

park chairs project

so the other weekend im out minding my own business at a flea market and what happens? bam! two matching, totally cute folding park chairs in rather rough condition start calling my name - i try to ignore them - i walk away twice!! but they just keep shouting out at me - an so the out come? i am now the proud owner of two very amazing folding chairs.

amazing yes - usable at this moment - not really. structurally they are sound, they just need a little cosmetic overhaul - in the realm of either paint or re-varnishing them. but the biggest and most fun part of this little diy project i have decided to under take? fabric. the seats of these chairs all "rest" on the fabric - no fabric? no way the chair will even stand up. so now i am on a mission for 1 yard of very very strong fabric - i've also thought about needle point (though its not really my style) or trying to refabricate a lightweight rug of some sort into seats for these two cuties -

wish me luck and stay tuned there will be progress updates - if you have any suggestions, comments or inspiration please send it my way i would love to hear your ideas

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