Monday, July 13, 2009

little brown bag

i always travel with a large backpack - the thought of a rolling suitcase is just something i will not entertain - they market them as being "easier" than anything else to travel with but have you ever been late for a train in europe? suddenly having to pull something along behind you becomes utterly ridiculous and near impossible and don't even mention running up or down the stairs in those stations or on cobbled streets. so whats a girl to do???

here is the answer i have been entertaining for a while -

isnt this amazingly beautiful? a super chic brown suitcase. small enough even to fit in the over head so you can avoid those lovely extra charges. amazingly tailored and structured while at the same time casual and easy. im in love

ok so i know what your thinking but my answer is this first and foremost- yes this is enough space for a weeks worth of clothes. i think that we all have gotten in the habit of bringing along way more than we need, that is unless your going skiing and then the backpack is probably your only answer. And secondly this will be a two bag operation. how amazing would this look coupled with a bag like this

or this? and these strung crosswise over you would def. add that extra space you might need in addition to the suitcase.

wearing something like this
as seen on the sartorialist

your gonna be looking amazing as you breeze effortlessly through your traveling.

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