Friday, July 17, 2009

fabrics by heather ross

so i woke up this morning thinking about my little fantasy space - from when i was 6 - yup the sheeps' cottage at my gg-gparents farm. in my fantasy its a cozy space large enough to live in and flooded with warm summer light -

in this fantasy, the house is also filled with light airy pretty colored fabric- inspired by the sea and and the air and all things green -i just found out this fabric is (luckily) not a fantasy - and is in fact made by the fabulous Heather Ross - an east coast transplant raised on the northern cost of california - her designs are delightful and whimsical yet amazingly sophisticated
. i love that she has taken a creature like the octopus which is fun and beachy and placed it over the refined quatrefoil pattern

this is what some very talented individuals have done with ms. ross's fabrics - i just imagine this on an old iron bed with crisp white cotton sheets -

here are some other of her designs that i really enjoy that i really enjoy!!

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