Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the thing about bohemian

the thing about bohemian is that its all about the eclectic - its about collecting what you love and having it all sit together harmoniously in your space -
and what better incentive to make a purchase or acquire something than because you love it- because you want to look at it every day or better yet use it every day. the "bohemian" - distilled down is about just this- having things in your space that bring back a memory or that make you happy to be around - not something that's just in the space cause its the right color - oh and i think casual relaxed comfort enters into the equation in a big way! along with color, texture and layers.

these images are a favorite inspirations out of my design file - originally found in the pages of domino(tear) the home of amandapeet. i love that you can identify other styles in her decor but when they all come together they form something else. like the grain sack upholstered couch - a provencial flair nicely accompanies the mediterranean pouf and the black and white rug or the market basket under the desk paired with an asian styled lamp and a more modern desk. it all becomes seamless-

below are some fun pieces if your want your "collecting" to move a little faster than "every sunday" or "every time i travel"

vintage turkish pillows - pile them up with other pillows you love and be on your way to achieving a sophisticated collection you'll love

achieving find the pillows here and the pouf and glasses here

Embossed camel leather pouf

these great canisters from anthropology
and this great fabric from grainsack for great fabric

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