Thursday, July 16, 2009

octopus's garden of art

so yesterday i spent the day at the monterey bay aquarium in monterey california - a trip not to be missed if you are ever out in the area and full of inspiration. there was a special exhibit open on sea horses and they are quite amazing little creatures indeed - but i found myself absolutely captivated by the giant octopus - in fact i went back twice to hang out in front of him. when i got home i was so intrigued that i did a little wiki search on them - these are amazing creatures! and some of the smartest in the sea - which is pretty crazy considering they are invertebrates. they are also capable of expressing emotion through color changes.

i began thinking about them in the art sense - traditionally in painting and other art genera the owl is the representative of knowledge and creativity, in a contemporary moment though perhaps we should elevate the octopus to this esteemed position. here is some great octopus art i found all on etsy!

i just love this note card. the colors are serene just like you would image an under water experience and i think this would look great framed as a small edition to a larger collection on the wall -

i thought this is a nice contemporary piece of boudoir art. it has all of the femininity and simplicity of those pieces along with our wise octopus included

this of course is from the fabulously talented berkleyillustration. and i just had to include one of their whimsical pieces in this post. cant wait to see them this weekend at the renegade craft fair!

this would be so great in the kitchen of a beach cottage - or any other place for that matter!

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