Thursday, August 4, 2011

verdant oasis

I fell right into this magical little garden. Its so very lush and verdant and seems to vibrate against the rich dark tones of the structures and furniture. i dont think i could ever achieve this level of growth on my concrete patio but i love the palette inspiration. 
 the following three images of seating areas on this property are really wonderful. the black folding chairs are similar to the ones i've been eyeing from ikea - and i like the little addition of the bolster pillow tied on with thick roping. 

 it all seems very casual and intimate ~ that if nothing else is something wonderful to aspire to out on my little patio area! i just love it. 

as found on apent hus

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  1. I adore this yard. I love the area to park the bikes and the monochromatic color scheme.