Friday, August 12, 2011

flowers for friday

 hooray! its friday. this weeks seems to have lagged, but im sure it is just the anticipation of my family's arrival this evening. Im excited to spend a few days with them, relaxing and playing tour guide. I know they are going to especially love the farmers markets at this time of year. I will be taking break from blogging and all shop related things until tuesday. But then ill be back with loads of new vintage and lots of photos from this visit im sure. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

 i couldn't resist using this big old bottle from the shop for a field inspired arrangement. Bottles can be hard to work with as the narrowness of the neck forces everything into a very upright position but i chose materials that I thought would behave well in this situation as well as having narrow stems. 
I used gooseneck loosestrife, a soft lavender lisianthus, and a variety of euphorbia. the euphorbia bleeds milky sap when cut and can be a little irritating to the skin, it also needs to be seared at the cut - a few passes of a lighter will do. 

Have lovely lovely weekends everyone!



  1. So pretty! I have a giant version of this bottle, mine is a DemiJohn from the 1800's, and I'd never thought to put any flowers in it. Hmm, maybe some forsythia branches!

  2. oh i love those old demijohns .... i wish i had one. It would be so pretty filled with branches! ive seen them with birch at christmas even.

    happy friday

  3. Beautiful! I love this.

    Enjoy your visitors and have a wonderful weekend!