Friday, August 5, 2011

flowers for friday

hydrangea always remind me of summer. they grow everywhere i have ever lived ~ different varieties, different colors~ and sometimes they dry just perfectly in the vase. only their color fading slightly, the sweets reminders. 

i love the huge fully formed petals of this purply blue variety but honestly i chose it as a perfect compliment to the unique studio pottery bowl i found recently at the strangest estate sale. its reminds me of something from the sea, a piece of coral perhaps but it also oddly reminds me of a brain.... it can sit like a little piece of sculpture or be overturned to perfectly hold water and few of these hydrangea.
i also wanted to share a few posts from around the blog world. its not something that i have thought to do before but there were many this week that i enjoyed so very much. so here goes.....
a beautiful post from illseenillsaid on the sweetness of summer's bounty.
a gorgeous reincarnation of pieces our grandmothers used poppytalk
a few little touches at 16house that make magic happen 
& a first glimpse at a new season unabashedapparel

happy happy weekends! 


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  1. So beautiful! I always love seeing the artist in reflective surfaces too :)

    Thanks for the link love and have a great weekend!