Thursday, September 23, 2010

not in frame

ive been to enough auctions in my life to know its not always whats in the frame that matters. sometimes its simply the frame itself.

In amsterdam this summer while strolling through the rijksmuseum, i found myself captivated but in some instances it was by the sheer beauty and intricacies of the frames around the old paintings. Delicate, detailed, elegant and telling a story all on their own.

Ive been seeing a few photos around the blog world of just frames - hanging on the wall. no need to fill them just simply allowing them to be seen, to be admired and appreciated - and i think thats simply lovely.

imagine the combinations you could create -
i found these two very old and very beautiful frames and they are in the shop now waiting to grace someone's walls ~

images: greigedesign, anthropologie, unknown, lobster&swan, flickr, cottagefarm

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