Saturday, September 4, 2010

a collection

thought i would start to share a few of the things that i collect....random, few and far between. this is the most extensive collection (with the exception of vintage tablecloths) that i have. I dont see them all that often but when i do i will nearly sprout wings to get to them quickly. french, creamy with a hint of yellow, gorgeous lion's heads and as i understand it for filling with yummy pates at the market

i use them for butter on the table, jam, and spice.


  1. Those are beautiful! What on earth do you call those?

  2. glad you like them. im not sure what the proper name for them is though they are all stamped "simplex" on the bottom, so i call them french simplex jars.....

  3. DUDE. Did you walk into the hous in Chapsal and steal these off the kitchen counter?